What is WPA? And What is WPS? Advantages and Disadvantages?

WPA is a security standard for users of computing devices equipped with a wireless Internet connection. It is a technology developed to secure Internet access to Wi-Fi networks.

Earlier, WEP or Wired Equivalency Privacy was the only security technology available but it was later upgraded due to weak authentication and encryption features.

WPA was released in 2003 as an interim standard to respond to the urgent need for a more secure protocol. The use of encryption makes the connection secure.

WPA Full Form?

“Wi-Fi Protected Access”

What is WPA?

Wi-Fi Protected Access is a security protocol for Wi-Fi networks. It was developed to replace WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) or improve upon the features of WEP. It was introduced in 2003 along with the 802dot11i wireless standard. Its modern version is WPA2 which is more secure than WPA.

Provides better encryption than WEP through any of two standard technologies: TKIP (Temporal Key Integrity Protocol) and AES (Advanced Encryption Standard).

WPA supports built-in authentication which is not available in WEP. It provides support for Authentication Server or RADIUS Server. When it uses TKIP, a message integrity code is included to ensure that the data is secure.

WPA was developed by the Wi-Fi Alliance to provide more sophisticated data encryption and better user authentication than the Wi-Fi Security Standard (WEP), the original Wi-Fi security standard. The new standard, which was ratified by the IEEE in 2004 as 802dot11i, was made backward-compatible with WEP to encourage quick, easy adoption.

What are the Advantages of WPA?

1. It has additional authentication instead of just the basic encryption provided in WEP.

2. It incorporates RADIUS servers and allows for administration, logging, and auditing.

3. If you cannot access WPA through a particular device, WPA computers can communicate using WEP encryption.

What are the Disadvantages of WPA?

In this, older firmware and operating systems cannot be upgraded to support WPA.

1. Computers routers and other devices older than 2003 could not be upgraded.
2. It is very similar to the older WEP security standard.
3. In either version of WPA, for a connection to occur, the wireless access point and the network client must have the same configuration.
4. It has a complicated setup which is a hassle for any home consumer.
5. WPA is now an old technology that is no longer used.
6. The higher the packet size, the longer the transmission time.

What is WPS? What is the WPS Full Form?

  1. Wi-Fi Protected Setup is a network security standard for creating a secure wireless home network. WPS is not a security feature. Rather it is a network security standard for creating a protected and secure wireless home network. WPS was invented to make setting up your Wi-Fi connection easier and faster.
  2. An 8-digit code is a PIN which is a numerical value.
  3. WPS was introduced by Cisco in 2006. The purpose behind this is to allow security to home users who know very little about wireless security.
  4. WPS is a standard by which the owner of the WiFi can prevent other users from using the WiFi without their consent. This protects the interest of the WiFi owner.
    If you do not want to share your WiFi with any person for a long time or frequently, then you can share your WPS PIN with him. Now what will happen with this when that person’s work with WiFi is over, then you can reset your WPS pin.
  5. But for this whole process, users should have good knowledge about WiFi devices and the necessary configuration and settings. Now you can search on the internet how to do this whole process.

What are the Advantages of WPS?

1. WPS automatically generates network SSID names and passwords for access points.
2. We do not need to know the name and password of the network during the connection of WPS enabled devices.
3. The key is generated automatically in WPS, so no one can know your security key from it.

What are the Disadvantages of WPS?

1. WPS is less secure as it is a numeric code that is easy to crack using brute force techniques.
2. WPS can only be used in devices that support WPS otherwise, we need to make the connection in the same traditional way.
3. Non-WPS clients have difficulty connecting because of the long sequence of hexadecimal characters in WPS.
4. WPS technology is now outdated which is very easy to hack, so now WPA2 is used which is more secure than WPS.


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