What is Search Intent?

Search intent, also called user intent, means the intent or intention of the user behind searching the keyword he is searching for. Based on the search intent, the search engine (Google) brings that website or blog to the user, which has the right information for the user.

Behind every query done in the search engine, there is some intent behind it, let’s understand it with an example.

Suppose a user is searching “how to make biryani”, it is clear that the user wants to know how to make biryani. The same article will rank on this keyword in which the recipe of Biryani is mentioned.

Similarly, if the user searches “SSC Form”, then the search engines understand that the user is an applicant who wants to fill out the SSC form, then Google will show the same website in front of the user in which the SSC form can be applied for.

If understood in simple words, then the purpose behind the user’s query is called search intent. By now you must have understood what is Search Intent, let us now talk about the types of Search Intent.

Types of Search Intent

The intent with which the user searches can generally be of the following five types.

  • Informational
  • Navigational
  • Transactional
  • Commercial
  • Local

1.(Intended to receive information)

When a user searches the Internet to get some information, it is called Informational Intent. For example, if a user searches on the Internet, what is a blog, then Google will bring that article in front of the user, which will contain detailed information about the blog.

If you are writing an article on informational keywords, then you should write the article with complete detail. These types of keywords are very important from an SEO point of view.

2 – Navigational Intent

When the user searches the query to go to a specific website on the Internet, it is called Navigational Intent. In this type of query, the user already knows a lot about that website.

If a user searches for Netflix Login, then Google will not rank any article here. Google will directly show the login page of Netflix to the user. These types of keywords are not very important in SEO.

3 – Transactional Intent

When the user searches the query to buy or sell any item on the Internet, then it is called Transactional Intent. On this type of keyword, Google shows the same website to the user in which the user can buy or sell the product.

As the user searches Buy iPhone 13, then it is clear that the user wants to buy an iPhone 13 and does not want to get information about the iPhone 13. If you have an e-commerce website then such keywords are very important for you.

4 – Commercial Intent

In Commercial Intent, the user wants to buy an item but before buying he wants to get complete information about that item. In this type of intent, there is a mix of Informational and Transactional Intent.

As the user searches on the internet Hostinger Hosting Review, the user wants to buy hosting from Hostinger but before buying he wants to get detailed information about Hostinger like features, advantages, disadvantages, plans, etc.,

Commercial Intent can have many types of keywords such as – “Bluehost vs Hostinger”, “Best Web Hosting”, “Cheap Web Hosting” etc. If you do affiliate market then these types of keywords are very important for you.

5 – Local Intent

When the user makes a query to get information about a local area, then it is called Local Intent. In this, only those websites rank which give information about that local area in their content. As the user is searching in Google “Best Digital Marketing Institute in Delhi” then it is clear that the user is searching for Digital Marketing Institute within Delhi.

Why is Search Intent SEO Important?

If you write content on your website keeping the user in mind and the user gets some value from your content, then automatically your website ranks at a good position in the search engine result page. Because Google itself makes more effort to improve its user experience.

How to understand search intent?

To understand the search intent, it is very important to do keyword research, do keyword research for the topic on which you are writing the article, and understand the keywords you find, what can be the purpose of the user to search for it. Then make your article accordingly.

If you do not understand the search intent in the beginning, then search your keyword in Google and see in which pattern the websites that are ranking in the top, have written the article. This will also give you a lot of ideas about the search intent.


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