What is Infographic?

Now without adding much to the mind, let’s focus on the word Infographic first.

If you break the above word into pieces i.e. chunks to read, then.

Info+Graphic = Infographic

In which Info is the short form of Information which means information (data) and Graphics means things like images, graphs.

So here infographics simply means to represent the information in the form of graphics so that it impresses the visitor to visit a blog or website.

Let us try to understand it from the process of making tea.

Here I am telling a western way to make tea.

  • First put the tea bag in the cup of tea.
  • Now pour unopened milk, if there is no milk, use water instead.
  • Now leave the tea bag for 5-7 minutes according to making the tea hard or pale.
  • Now add sugar to it.

Here the process of making tea is explained in both the ways, but it is not easy to skip the information through the graphics of the second one.

Advantage of Infographics

The advantage of infographics is the only advantage that I am going to tell you through some data.

People observe 323 percent more in hoardings or boards telling test based directions, graphics based hoardings or direction boards.

Only 50% of the audience gets inspired by text based items but 67% of people are inspired by infographic.

There are many benefits of adding infographics to blogging or website content.

Increase of Engagement:-

The biggest problem during blogging is in bringing the visitor to the blog post, but keeping it engaged here is no less a big problem.

If the ingestion time of your blog does not improve, then problems like bounce back can destroy the traffic of your blog.

But this problem can be greatly improved through infographics based blog posts.

10% of what you hear, 40% of what you read (text only) but the test document that contains images usually remembers up to 80% of what you read.

Overall, the next time you are going to write a blog post and want to increase engagement, try to spend some time creating an infograph.

Worthy of Sharing:-

Generally, social media users like to share the visual part of a blog post more than the text.

Let us try to understand it from the point of view of psychology.

Most of the people use social media to reach more and more internet users and to get more reach you always have to publish well fresh content regularly.

Where common people like to share some personal photos, videos for this, while the organization or company publishes content about its product, service.

As I have told, people like visual (info graphic) more than text and posting it in a social site also increases the chances of getting more likes, shares.

You will be surprised to know that 59% of social media users publish articles without reading them, just to look good and in this situation info graphics can prove to be more beneficial.

Personal Grooming:-

Do you know that 7 million blog posts are published on the Internet every day and only a few percent of these blog posts generate more or good traffic, the rest do little or no at all.

The reason for this also depends on your brand image.

I know Google Webmaster publishes great posts, but I love reading aiotechnical blog posts and the biggest reason for this is infographics.

Being infographics, I like to read blog posts like this more and once I visit such sites, I am present for 5-10 minutes.

On the other hand, I like to visit Google Webmaster Blog only when I want any information from it.

Let’s try to look at it from the point of view of psychology.

Suppose you are a sports person and run a blog on national sports like cricket or hockey.

But when you will tell about the rules and regulations related to it through a blog post, most of the content of which will be only test, then it will not motivate more user to read, no matter how good you write a post.

But if you include infographic in it then more users like to read it and if your post really action then visitors like to read your blog post again and again, which proves that you are cricket. Or are hockey experts.

SEO Enhancement

When your infographics are shared on any social site like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, then from there your page’s search engine performs well in-directly.

Other than this

  • This helps in building backlinks.
  • Blog traffic increases.
  • Bounce back decreases.
  • The page view time increases.
  • Blog posts stay fresh for a long time and also generate more traffic.

There is a lot to be gained from the overall infographic.


So today’s post has told about what is infographics and what are its benefits.

Also, information has been given about some computer applications and websites.

Before moving on, let me tell you that creating attractive-looking infographics takes a lot of time, so you will have to work harder on some applications so that you can know how to use more and more tools.

How did you like today’s post, do tell us by commenting and if possible, try to give some benefits to my efforts by sharing it in social media sites as well.

Now finally thanks for reading this post.


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