What is Image SEO?


What is Image SEO?

Image SEO means optimizing the image for the search engine in such a way that the search engine can better crawl, understand, and index your graphics and page content.

Due to Image SEO, images are ranked in Google SERP as well as Google Images, due to which you get direct organic traffic from Google Images to your blog.

Why is Image SEO important?

Why Image SEO is Important? Image SEO has many benefits, as well as optimizing this image, you can also avoid many losses i your blog:-

• Website loading speed is better.

User experience improves.

• Google Images gets organic traffic.

There is Ranking Improvement in Google SERP. There is SEO Improvement of Blog and Website

Image SEO Optimization

By doing Google Image SEO, you have not one but a lot of benefits, follow the steps given below to optimize the image for the search engine:-

Copyright Free Images:-

First of all, it comes to copyright-free images. If you want to get your blog and website ranked in Google and want to do long-term online business, then always use copyright-free images.

Today there are many such websites in the internet from which you can download copyrighted images for free. Like Pixabay, Unsplash, Undraw and more

Rename Image:-

Whenever we download any images from anywhere, then by default that image has some name, you have to remove that name put your keywords in its place, and rename the image.

Create Unique Images:-

Whenever you download free images, edit them in your way and make them quite creative and unique.

Due to this, the attraction of users will increase, and your posts will also become very engaging. But for this, you use a tool that is also copyright such as:-

• Canva

• Photoshop

Both of these are free tools for photo editing, you can create images for your blog very well using them.

Right Size Image:-

Image size has a lot of effect in Image SEO Optimization. Whenever you use images in your blog, then definitely pay attention that what should be the size of that image.

If you are making a Featured Image of your blog or website, then keep its size 620X300. The best size of images for the blog is 620×300.

If still, you want to keep the size of the image according to you, then you can keep it, but keep in mind that your images should not go beyond the viewable limits of your content and should not be too small, due to which the user has to zoom in to see or read. If this happens, then you may get two errors in Google Search Console, the first content is wider than viewable limits or content too small to read.

Compress Image:-

The size of the image matters a lot in optimizing the image for SEO, with a more heavily loaded image, you can slow down the speed of your website and blog.

Use Images Relevant to Content:-

Google also gives more value to images related to content, so use those images that are related to your blog posts and content and create some value for the user.

Alt Tag for Image SEO

The alt tag is also called alt text, title attributes, and title text, whenever we upload images for our blog and blog post, then after uploading you have to give an ALT tag to it.

The alt tag helps google to understand what that image is about. In the alt tag, you can also enter your main focus keyword, as well as in that you can explain the image well through the keyword.


The caption in the image is the one that writes some words and sentences related to the image below the image, whenever you use images in your blog and articles, then write a caption with it.

Caption Helps your users better understand the content and purpose of the image.

Add Image Structure data:-

If you add structure data to your blog images, then the search engine will show your images in rich results, due to which you will get a lot of organic traffic through images.

You can add Structured data to Google Images in three ways or else only these three ways support

Google Image:-

• Product

• Video

• Recipe

Google has made many types of guidelines, if you want to bring your images in Google’s rich image search, then you have to read all the guidelines of Google carefully and also follow them.

Image SEO Optimization:


Today we learned how to do Image SEO Optimization. Being successful in blogging and making your ranking in Google SERP is not as difficult as people think.

If you understand Google and do some such small things correctly, then you can bring a lot of organic traffic from Google to your blog and website.

One of them is Image SEO Optimization which many of us ignore.


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