What is Google My Business?

Google My Business is also known as Google Local Listing or Google Business Listing. This is a platform of Google where you can list your business and promote your business in the local area. And the process of listing your business on this platform is called Google Business Listing.

So Google My Business (GMB) is a platform on which we can list our business. But for this, your business should have a physical presence and a business name. After listing on Google My Business, Google verifies your business by sending a PIN to your business address, and only then your business listing is verified.

Although there are many benefits of listing your website on Google My Business, the biggest advantage is that you get to get local customers easily, you can connect with the customers through this address, you can get reviews from them and then You can send the location and presence of your business to the customers.

By the way, there are many benefits of doing business listing on the Google My Business platform. And if I tell the benefits, then I also have to tell how to create a business account on Google and how to do business listing on it.

How to SEO Google My Business Website?

Also write keywords in the description

When you create a GMB account, you also have to write a description there. In which you have to write about your business. So you also write keywords in the description so that your business account keywords can be optimized and rank in Google.

Keep Updating Photos of Google My Business

In GMB, you get the option to put a photo. Upload your business location or photos of events or products or photos related to business in Google My Business. And update the photos from time to time, meaning keep adding more photos. So that Google gets an indication that proper activities keep happening on your business. This has a good impact on your business profile and also boosts your ranking.

Score 100% by completing all the steps of Google My Business Profile

When you create Google My Business Account, then follow and complete all the steps there. Fill all the details that are being asked, so that your Google My Business Platform score can be 100%, this will strengthen your business profile and this will help in ranking.

List on B2B Business Listing Sites

List your business on B2B Listing Sites. While listing on all B2B Platforms, keep in mind that enter the same name, description, and address as entered in the Google My Business account. The more you list on B2B Platforms, the more your profile will become stronger.

Make sure to review customers

Always get the review done from the customers. Whenever you have a customer, ask him to write his review on Google Maps. This is very important if you want to rank your business in Google. And if possible, say to give positive reviews, although customers write reviews according to their experience.

Do need to reply to the reviews

Whenever a customer writes a review, you must reply to his review. This is a very important factor for your Google My Business SEO. If someone also does a negative review, then ask the reason for it and improve it.

Write Unique Content on Google My Business Website and also Include Keywords

Google also gives you a free business website by creating it. Which can be easily seen by anyone. Properly customize that website and write Unique Content. This will improve your SEO and help you rank in Google. Also, write keywords in your content, write about the business, and write about your products or services.

Google My Business – We Learned

Whether the business is online or offline, it is very important to have a presence on Google My Business. This not only increases the business but people can easily reach your location. If your business is on Google My Business, then the trust of the customers also increases to some extent.

In this article, we learned how to create a Google My Business Pay Account and how to SEO and rank Google My Business Website. If you still have any kind of question-related to this, then definitely ask by commenting.

Thank you!

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