What is CTR?

CTR in Digital Marketing is the ratio of clicks and impressions in a Marketing campaign. CTR is calculated by dividing the number of clicks on the advertising campaign by the impressions and then expressing the value received as a percentage. Any online advertising campaign is measured by CTR.

How CTR is Calculated?

Since rate is used in CTR and wherever rate is used it means we are being asked as a percentage, so to calculate CTR, divide by total number of impressions by total number of clicks is given, and the value obtained is multiplied by 100. You can calculate CTR with the following formula –

CTR = (Total Click/Total impression)*100

What is CTR on the Website?

If you have a blog or website that you have submitted to Google Search Console, then you will get to see Average CTR in the Performance tab in the Search Console.

In Google Search Console, this CTR means that how many people appeared on your website search engine result page (SERP) i.e. how many impressions came on the website and how many people clicked on the website. The measure of the average percentage of impressions and clicks of the website in the search engine is called the CTR of the website.

Let us understand with an example, suppose 100 users are searching the same keyword on Google, on which keyword your website is ranking in the top 10 page. Out of these 100 users, 3 users come to your website by clicking, and then the CTR of your website will be 3 percent. In this example, your website got 100 impressions and 3 clicks.

How to Increase Website CTR?

If the CTR of your website is very low, then you can increase the CTR of the blog by keeping the following things in mind.

  • Write Catchy Titles

The title of the blog post is visible to the user on the search engine result page in big letters, after reading which the user clicks on a blog. Usually, users visit such blogs whose title is relevant to the user’s query. You do keyword research in the right way and then understand the search intent and write the title of the blog post.

However, in addition to the title, the meta description and URL are also shown on the SERP. But in most cases, Google shows the user’s query relevant description from the blog post on the SERP, and in most cases, the URL complete is not visible. That’s why it is very important to have a CATCHY title for the blog post.

  • Put the post in Feature Snippets

Feature Snippets on the SERP is a section in which the blog post is visible to the user in a unique way. In the Feature Snippets section, Google short-forms the paragraph relevant to the user’s query from your post, blogs that are ranked in Feature Snippets are more likely to get clicks and increase CTR. You can use schema markup to include your blog posts in Feature Snippets.

  • Write Good Content

After doing thorough research, you should write a blog post that can satisfactorily answer all the queries of the user. With this, users will like to visit your blog again and again, and even if your blog is ranking at number 7-8 on other keywords, then there are chances of clicking on your blog. Because users like to read your written article.

So these were some ways with the help of which you can increase the CTR of the website.

What should be the CTR of the website?

The question that comes to the mind of many people is what should be the ideal CTR for a website. If we talk about the average of the industry, then a 3 percent CTR can be considered ideal for the website.

Because when our website grows, many of our keywords rank on the first page of the search engine, which increases the impression on the website. Most of the users visit the top 3 websites only, so if our website ranks at number 6 – 7 then the chances of getting clicks are reduced, so 3 percent is considered as the ideal CTR for the website.

If the CTR of your website is more than 3 then you do not need to worry much about the CTR.

What is the meaning of CTR in Google Ads?

If you promote your product and service through Google Ads, you still get to see it in the CTR Matrix dashboard. This matrix is very important in online advertising. In Google Ads also, CTR is called the number of clicks received on the total impression.

As your ad was seen by 1000 people i.e. 1000 impressions came on the ad, out of which 50 people clicked on the ad, then your CTR in Google Ads will be 5 percent.

How to Increase Google AdSense CTR?

To earn more from Google AdSense, your CTR should be good. You can follow the following tips to increase CTR –

  • Do Ad Placement in the blog properly.
  • Keep Ad Size Responsive.
  • Do not put too much ad in the blog.
  • Bring Organic Traffic to the website.


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