What is cloud gaming? Complete information on cloud gaming?

Hello friends, welcome to this blog of mine, today I will tell you what is cloud gaming. And you will get complete details of cloud gaming. If you are fond of playing games, then you must have heard about cloud gaming at some point or other. Many people will already know about Cloud Gaming and may have played it. If you do not know anything about Cloud Gaming, then you read this post of mine, and you will get information about Cloud Gaming.

Cloud Gaming is such a technology of today’s time, through which you can easily play games with high-end graphics on any of your low-end PC laptop, tablet, or mobile. Which is often heard about. If you are fond of playing games, then you must have also heard the name of cloud gaming.

Cloud gaming is an online game streaming service through which you can easily play high-end graphics games on your low-end PC laptop, tablet, or mobile which is not possible to play on a normal computer.

What is cloud gaming?

Cloud Gaming is an online game streaming service, it is similar to video streaming such as Netflix or Youtube in which you only need the internet and a screen and you can easily watch any video, movie or web show. Cloud gaming does not require any gaming console, only the internet and any device like a smartphone, smart TV, or any computer or laptop with many new and popular games can be played.

  • There are many Cloud Gaming Services available today and many big companies are working on this technology. These cloud gaming services take some charge from you and you can do game play.
  • For cloud gaming you do not need any high graphics laptop or PC, you will need a normal laptop or PC and an internet connection, internet speed should be good so that you can play the game easily without any interruption.
  • Cloud gaming is not a new thing, it had also come a long time ago, but due to lack of resources, it was not progressing so fast earlier, but in today’s time it is moving fast and further cloud gaming will become even more. will be more prevalent

Because the future of gaming is cloud gaming and big companies like Google, Microsoft etc. are seeing their big market in it, so where can cloud gaming be the future of gaming?

How does cloud gaming work??

How Cloud Gaming Works as you must have understood that Cloud gaming is an online game streaming, as you can listen to online videos and songs, in the same way, Cloud gaming works, this game is running on a remote server without your device installed. It is the server on which your game is run and its live video streaming on your device just like that which you can control with your controller.

While playing cloud gaming, the game you are playing is running on a powerful server, whose video is shown to you on your device, when you give some input from your controller, then this input first goes to that server, then it is updated. It is shown to you that this process happens so fast that you feel that the game is running on your PC or device.

cloud gaming You can do Cloud Gaming on any of your Normal Device Pc Laptop even on your mobile, for that you just need a good internet connection so that this game does not lag on your device.

Who uses Cloud gaming?

Cloud gaming service is very beneficial for those who do not have devices with high features and they will be able to play high end games easily on any of their normal devices and can enjoy gaming completely, its cost is also low.

Cloud Gaming is a good option for such people who cannot buy expensive laptop or PC, its cost is also less than normal game.

What is the difference between cloud gaming and normal gaming?

  1. In Cloud gaming you can easily play any high end games on any device but in normal gaming you cannot play any pc game on your mobile.
  2. Cloud gaming costs less than normal gaming.
  3. Normal gaming experience is better than cloud gaming.
  4. Normal gaming aap can buy any game and play it, but in cloud gaming you can play the same game which is available for game cloud gaming.
  5. In cloud gaming, you do not need an expensive device, but in normal gaming, you will need a device with expensive and good features.


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