What is Cloud Computing?

When any service through the Internet is made available by invisible computers and servers, then it is called cloud computing. This service can be anything such as a cloud-based storage service, e-mail service, cloud gaming or other computer-related means such as Google Cloud, Amazon Web server, Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud, and other hosting services are also examples of cloud computing.

Simply put, every service that we use online is cloud computing. Watching videos on YouTube, playing online games, or taking online exams is all dependent on cloud computing and what you are reading today is also the wonder of cloud computing and cloud storage.

Cloud computing is a system that manages, stores, and processes data online with the help of the Internet. Cloud computing is easy to use and keeps our data secure.

History of Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing was born in the 1960s, in an era where the Internet existed in very few places, with very few fellow Internet users. That’s why cloud computing was not developed in this era.

Later, when the Internet became more used and the number of users started increasing, then in 1990 a company named Salesforce started cloud computing service, in the early stages only a few services of cloud computing were available.

After 2000, when people started liking the service of cloud computing and business companies started needing it, then cloud computing services were started by big companies like Google, Microsoft, and Amazon.

Cloud computing was developed over time and it started being used in all fields, in today’s era, all the services that are taken from the Internet are provided by cloud computing.

Types of Cloud Computing

There are many types of cloud computing systems, cloud computing is designed according to different tasks. Based on the deployment model, there are four types of cloud computing public cloud, private cloud, community cloud, and hybrid cloud. Public cloud:-

Such clouds are operated by third-party cloud service providers that provide services such as servers and storage over the Internet. In this type of service, all hardware, software, and supporting infrastructure is purchased and managed by the cloud provider itself.

Private cloud:-

A private cloud is meant for a business or organization that may be located in a company’s data center or may be managed by the company from a third-party service provider.

Community cloud:-

This type of cloud is made for the group so that only the people of that group and community can use this service. Hybrid cloud:-

It is a mix of public cloud and private cloud, large business companies use hybrid cloud.

Delivery Models of Cloud Computing?

Based on the service model there are three delivery models of cloud computing SAAS, PAAS, and IAAS. In simple words, there are 3 service layers of cloud computing which are called Delivery Models.


Its full name is Software as a Service. It provides software service, in which the user does not need to install software on his computer and its cost is very low.


Its full name is platform as a service. This service supplies the environment (virtual hardware system) to develop, test, deliver, and manage software and applications, as well as the service is designed to quickly build web and mobile apps.


Its full name is Infrastructure as a Service. In this, the user can rent equipment according to his need from cloud providers, these devices include data storage, virtualization, servers, and networks.

Examples of cloud computing

There are many examples of cloud computing that we use every day knowingly or unknowingly such as Google Drive:-

Google Drive is an application and website created by Google company in which we can upload photos, videos, and documents. We can view all these files by going to Google Drive and can also edit online.

Online games:-

The data of many online games is uploaded on the online server, in computer and smartphone we can download the application of online games and play online games directly through the online server without any data file.

Web hosting:-

Website storage Where the website’s data store resides, in web hosting we can store the data and show the data online with the help of the website, web hosting is a great example of cloud computing.

Advantages of cloud computing

Low price – The cost of a cloud computing system is very low compared to other hardware devices and computer systems. Cloud computing can be purchased according to your needs, it includes networks, systems, data, processing units, and other components. Unlimited storage – Storage from 1 GB to 100TB can be used. The storage of cloud computing can also be increased if needed. Anywhere access – From any place where the Internet is available, you can manage the data of cloud computing through smartphones and computers. To manage the data of cloud computing, a system is needed in which the Internet is present. Powerful and Speed – The speed of a cloud computing system is much faster than a normal computer system, as well as cloud computing is very powerful, this is because it has powerful processors and high-end hardware components.

Easy to use – Cloud computing is very easy to use, just as we upload files to Google Drive, in the same way cloud computing is used.


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