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On Page SEO?

ON Page SEO is such a technique using which we can rank our website on search engines. The use of this technique is to make the web pages of any website friendly to the search engines.

In this, we optimize or modify the webpage content of any website so that whenever the search engines read your content, they can easily understand what your content is about.

ON Page, SEO is considered to be the most important within Search Engine Optimization, because the purpose of On Page Optimization is to tell the Search Engine which Keyword you are targeting and what information you have given related to that Keyword inside your content. Is.

You can also understand it from the point of view of a product and service. This content can also be a photo of your product or service or detailed information about it.

So On-Page SEO is a Technique that we use to make Content and Web pages search Engine Friendly.

How to Do On-Page SEO?

It is very easy to do On-Page SEO, first of all, you have to decide on which keyword you want to rank your website.

For this, you can do Keyword Research. If you have a topic, then now you can also search for other keywords related to that keyword, which will help you to prepare good quality full content.

Once you have searched all the keywords, now it is your turn to write SEO Friendly Content. Writing SEO Friendly Content is a very easy way, for which you can follow the steps given below.

Primary Keyword

First, write your primary keyword and then start writing content.

Add Heading

Now write your Primary Keyword and give it an H2 Heading (Do not give the H1 Heading to the Primary Keyword because this H1 Heading is already in the title of any content).


After your Primary Keyword, write the information related to it and only then write another Keyword.

H2. H3 Heading

Do not use H2, or H3 Heading more than once.

Secondary Keyword

Now if you have any other secondary keyword, then give it H3 Heading (There should not be more than one H1, H2, or H3 Heading in a content or web page).

On-Page SEO Tips

We in On Page Seo first pay attention that there should be good quality content on our web page because if your content is not of good quality then people will not get it.

After this, we also pay attention to whether the keywords have been used in the right place inside our content or not because if the keyword is not used in the right place inside your content, then that article will not be quality content.

After this, we keep in mind that the topic or keyword on which we are writing the content must be in the title of our content so that the search engine can understand what this content is about.

We make our webpage User Friendly, making it user-friendly means arranging or writing the content in such a way that it is easy for the user to read the content.

At the same time, we also take care that we reduce the use of high-quality images or other media files like video, and audio inside our content so that the speed of our page does not matter and it loads fast.

Apart from this, On-Page SEO also has these functions:

  • Optimizing Meta Tags
  • Giving Images Correct Title and Alt Tag
  • Creating Internal Link
  • Keeping Post Heading in Correct Structure
  • Keeping Post Length Correct
  • Creating a correct Sitemap of Web Pages,
  • Creating Robots.Txt File etc.

How to  Write High-Quality Content?

The content present on any web page is considered to be the soul of that web page, if the content on any web page is not good, then any user will close that web page as soon as it is opened so that the Bounce Rate Increases of that web page. There is a problem with being there and that web page is never listed at the top of the search results of the search engine.

High-quality content means that it should be original because if you let the user read similar content from someone else, who would have read it elsewhere before, then he will stop accessing your website.

Every post should have at least 500 – 600 words, the content should be unique because the user does not like to read the content written on the same topic on different blogs.

Users need accurate and unique new content at a time that is not already present anywhere else and once they become aware of your website, then this trust remains with them and they will want that every time. He kept bringing new content for him every time.

You should not use Word Filler in High-Quality Content because Word Filler is a word that is written by twisting it does not contain any important information.

Such content is not high quality. With this, your content should be understood by the user and it should be in easy language so that a user can easily understand it by reading it in one go.

Content Heading:

If there is no paragraph in the content without a heading, then it also has a bad effect on the user experience.

Before the start of the paragraph, there should be a clear heading of that paragraph so that users can get the description of that paragraph in short. Header Tags (H2 to H6) should always be used for Content Heading, where you should not use H1 because it is already in the title of the post.


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