Tips for Shining in a Masters in Computer Application Program

The Masters in Computer Application program prepares students to design and develop applications. These include information systems and web and mobile applications. They do so to analyze and solve computer and information processing problems.

This course has the latest programming tools and more to add a special touch to the subjects. The BCA is the base of the MCA. Any MCA candidate must have basic knowledge of Computer Applications. They should have done a Bachelor of Computer Application.

There is no special rule to get into the Masters in Computer Application. It would be better to pursue an MCA if you have a BCA.

What is a Masters In Computer Application?

Masters in Computer Application is a two-year full-time academic program. It is designed to provide deep knowledge of computers, programming and their uses. It serves as a crucial stepping stone towards a fulfilling professional journey. Before we explore the career opportunities it offers let’s look at its curriculum.

The Masters In Computer Application curriculum covers many subjects. It includes programming languages, databases, software engineering, networking, web development and more. Students gain practical experience through projects and internships. They use them to hone their skills to meet industry standards. The program stresses problem-solving. It values critical thinking and innovation. These traits are key in today’s fast-changing technology world.

Eligibility for Admission to Master of Computer Application

Students must have graduated from any stream. This can be Science, Arts, Commerce or Engineering. They must have graduated from any recognized university, Institute or college. They can apply for the Masters in Computer Application.

·         MCA will be a little bit easier for those who have done their Graduation in BCA.

·         Students must have chosen mathematics subjects in 10+2 standard or graduation.

·         The students must have qualified for their classes with 50% or above.

Candidates in the SC (Scheduled Caste) or ST (Scheduled tribes) get a 5%-mark relaxation.

·         There are defined Age limit criteria for this course.

This is the full eligibility criteria. You must match it to apply for the Masters in Computer Application course. Now let’s see the whole admission process in this course. After that, we will talk about the course’s length. We will also cover the best colleges, institutes and universities to pursue it.

Admission Process for Masters in Computer Application 

You get into the Master of Computer Application course through the All India Entrance Examination (AIEE). India’s top colleges admit students based on a merit list. The colleges make the list from the marks students get on the entrance exams.

The syllabus of the entrance exam is narrow enough. One can cover the complete syllabus within a short period. The exams ask about math at the 10+2 level. They also ask about normal reasoning and basic computer application questions.

Duration of Masters In Computer Application Course

As per the recent news. The Masters in Computer Application program will last two years split into four semesters starting in 2021. No report has been made about the syllabus and criteria etc. I will update you as soon as the website makes one. Here I have shared all the details of the previous syllabus and pattern etc.

The duration of MCA is three academic years. Many universities and institutions offer this graduate course. These three years of the course consist of six semesters two semesters in the first year and so on. Every semester is taken with a six-month interval between. Each year would be different.

The first year focuses on computer skill development. The second year provides a conceptual framework. The third year adds specialization and many more projects.

List of Top 20 Colleges for Masters In Computer Application in India

In this section, we will be providing you the list of the top 20 colleges offering MCA courses in India: 

1.      Birla Institute of Technology (BIT) Mesra

2.      Christ University Bangalore

3.      Department of Computer Applications, Cochin University of Science & Technology

4.      Department of Computer Science, University of Delhi

5.      Harcourt Butler Technical University

6.      Jadavpur University

7.      Jamia Millia Islamia University Delhi

8.      Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology

9.      Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies (NMIMS)

10.  National Institute of Technology Calicut

11.  National Institute of Technology, Calicut

12.  National Institute of Technology, Surathkal

13.  National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirapalli, (NITT)

14.  National Institute of Technology, Warangal

15.  PSG College of Technology

16.  Savitribai Phule Pune University

17.  School of Computer & Information Sciences, University of Hyderabad

18.  School of Computer and Systems Sciences (JNU)

19.  University School of Information, Communication and Technology, GGSIPU

20.  Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT)

Course Structure:

Total Course – 22

Total Credits – 80

Semester I

SNCourse CodeCourse TitleCredits
1MCS-211Design & Analysis of Algorithms4
2MCS-212Discrete Mathematics4
3MCS-213Software engineering4
4MCS-214Professional Skills and Ethics2
5MCS-215Security and Cyber Laws2
6MCSL-216DAA and Web Design Lab2
7MCSL-217Software Engineering Lab2

Semester II

SNCourse CodeCourse TitleCredits
1MCS-218Data Communication & Computer Networks4
2MCS-219Data Warehousing and Data Mining4
3MCS-220Web Technologies4
4MCS-221Data warehousing and Data Mining4
5MCSL-222OOAD and Web Technologies Lab2
6MCSL-223Computer Network & Data Mining Lab2

Semester III

SNCourse CodeCourse TitleCredits
1MCS-224Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning 4
2MCS-225Accountancy and Financial Management4
3MCS-226Data Science & Big Data4
4MCS-227Cloud Computing and IoT4
5MCSL-228AI and Machine Learning Lab2
6MCSL-229Cloud and data Science Lab2

Semester IV

SNCourse CodeCourse TitleCredits
1MCS-230Digital Image Processing and Computer Vision4
2MCS-231Mobile Computing4

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Masters In Computer Application Course Fees

The fees of the MCA course vary from college to college. If you are taking government college. You might pay fewer fees as compared to private colleges. The cost of this education might range from $20,000 to $50,000 per semester on average, per year. One can also apply for these scholarships. Universities offer them based on marks in the entrance exam or graduation.

The government colleges have the best fees. Most private colleges hold placement drives. They do this after the course ends. Through the College placement drive it will be easy for one to get a job.

Internship for Masters in Computer Application Freshers

Masters in computer application students also get internships in India. The quality depends on your college. Top colleges offer good internships. Others also offer them.

Internships are important. They help you gain practical knowledge and experience for your work. It will also help you a lot in getting a better job position as well as a better salary.

Career Prospects in Masters In Computer Application

In this era of IT, many opportunities are available in this field. Top consultancy firms demand students with good computer knowledge. They also want skills in the IT sector. Both the government and private sector offer jobs to MCA-qualified students. One can join either sector based on their skills and interests.

Complete your MCA at a top university. Then you are more likely to get jobs. You will have more career opportunities in banking, IT and consulting. During joining the candidate has to undergo training for a few months. After that, they can join and work on live projects. These students have finished their MCA course. They can now choose to teach at any recognized college or university. It is a good option as there is a good salary and you can work as a lecturer if you are good at speaking.

It is hard to get a job in this era but you have the talent and have good command over your work. Getting a job would be simple. Do not pursue this course to get a job. Do this course to gain knowledge. This is a field where you will have to be active and will have to find new ways to do the same work.

Job Opportunity after Master of Computer Application

There are many IT company that hires fresher candidates based on the Interview. Here are the job posts. You may get them as a fresher. Or following a few months or years of work experience in this industry.

  • Software Developer
  • Programmer
  • System Engineer
  • System Analyst
  • System Administrator
  • Troubleshooter
  • Software Application Architect
  • Web Designer and Developer
  • Software Consultant
  • Technical Writer

At the beginning of your career, you might get a lower salary. Most of the companies pay the salary based on your performance. If you are better at this. There are no limits to the salary.

Salary after Masters in Computer Application Course

In India, IT professionals are paid less than in other countries like the United States, UK and Canada. A software developer’s salary ranges from 3 to 3.5 lakh per year. It depends on their employer and their education and skills.

In foreign countries, the freshers can earn enough to survive. The experience of the candidate also matters. With good skills in Java, C++ and HTML one can get a high-paying job in this field.

Salaries vary by criteria and scenario. You must analyze before taking any step in India or abroad.

Skills Required for Masters in Computer Application

Students must have good knowledge of programming languages like C++, Java and ASP.NET. They must know about web design. This includes HTML (HyperText Markup Language), JavaScript, and more.

If the student is interested in networking, he needs skills in SQL and Linux. MCA students can get certified in CCNA, CCNP and CCIP. This will help them get a good job and position in a company.

I hope you got the answer about the Master of Computer Application. It covers the Eligibility Criteria, Job Prospects and all other details. This course has its value in the field of IT. Here is the list of the best colleges for MCA in India.


Now you know all about a Master of Computer Application. You must have planned a lot for this career. Even if you still have doubts about taking an MCA course then don’t waste more of your time. You must get more guidance from expert career counsellors.

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