API Full Form: What is API and What are its Benefits?

Hello friends, today we are going to tell you about API Full Form, often we hear about API many times but we do not have specific information about it, what its full name and what is API called and what are its functions. And what are its benefits, we will tell you about all these in this article.

Due to the lack of knowledge of many people about it, people often keep asking about it, so in this article we will tell you complete information related to API as well as about API Full Form so that you will get complete information about it in one article. can be obtained in.

API Full Form:-

Before talking about what is API and what are its benefits and how it works, we are telling you about its full name.

API Full Form – Application Programming Interface.

It is also called application programming interface and if you have any application on your mobile or computer, then it works only with the help of API and API has an important role in it.

What is API?

It is like a system we use any application on our computer or mobile etc and it is connected to the internet, then as soon as it is opened, it sends the data to the application server, after that whatever you want to see the server. You are shown that data, for example, you search by typing Facebook in the Chrome browser, and then that data goes to the server, after that, the server works to reach you on Facebook, all this work is done through API only.

It works to send the data of your computer or mobile application to the server and it works to bring the data of the server to that application or mobile and computer, due to which it plays an important role in all the applications without API. No application can work properly, so it is used in all apps.

Example – We are explaining to you a very simple example of API so that you can easily understand the information about it, if you go to a restaurant, you are given a menu in the restaurant in which all the available products are about It is written in it that you can order anything and like ordering one of your tea, the waiter will go to the kitchen for tea and ask the cook to make tea and when the tea is made then he will come back to you with tea.

So the API is also like a waiter, which sends the data of what you search to the server, after that the server sends you the result according to the search back to your application through the API so that what you are searching is related to Showing you the correct results.

Is the API secure?

Many people may have questions in their mind that if this data is sent to the server, is it safe for us or not, otherwise we can tell that 100% security on the Internet is not guaranteed by anyone, but the API is quite secure, where your data Along with this, you should also keep in mind that it only sends the same data to the server which acts as your phone or computer, apart from this, any type of data of your computer or phone on the server does not send.

What are the types of API?

API is generally of four different types and its functions are also different, about which we are telling you.

Procedural – It is used for any particular use and it works for the interface to open any file in the working system so that we can work on any file.
Object Oriented – Object Oriented makes the difficult and difficult task of any app, it is very fast and powerful, and along with this, it is also very helpful for other systems of API which make the task very public in public. Provides good speed.
Service Oriented – The work we do on the application, is the task of reaching the server and the data of what we want to do or see in the application is sent from the server through it, after that we are shown that data. It is also used on shopping websites etc. It helps in doing all the work in the application.

Resource Oriented – This resource is useful for development and if we do any application or software, etc., then it is the task of collecting data and taking this data to the server, it is used more in big companies. .

All these are different types and the functions of all of them are also different, with the help of all of them, any software or application, etc. can work properly.

Calculation – In this article, we have tried to give you information about API Full Form and what is API and what are its benefits, we hope that you will find the information given by us useful, if you like the information, then share it with your friends. Do share with us and if you want to ask any kind of question related to this, then you can also tell us through comments, etc.


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