Top 11 3 Month Computer Courses List In Demand After 12th

If you’re looking for a 3 month Computer Courses List that is in demand after the 12th Class for Every student. In this article, we will provide comprehensive detail about 3 and 6-month computer course lists.

In this digital age, every person must keep up with the modern tech. It’s a need. Computers are used in many fields: messages, transportation, entertainment and education. They are also vital in the medicine industry.

Their use is clear almost everywhere and they have become a close part of life. Also, there are many career chances in many industries. Studying computer science or information technology gives you a stage. You can use it to increase deep knowledge. You can also research into research on how to improve technology for many people. 

We’re Discussing the top 11 Basic to Advanced list of computer courses with a 3, 6 and 1 Year Duration. So Let’s Explore the courses

1. Certificate in Computer Basics

This is one of the most basic computer courses and it mostly helps to boost start your computer career. This course will give you a deep understanding of this system. It is for people new to computers. After this course, you will know a computer system. You will learn about basic Windows OS and the terms used in the software.


No experience is required. Anyone 10th or 12th standard passed person can join this course. 

Average Course Duration:

The part-time courses are normally enclosed for a duration of 1 to 1.5 months.

2. Microsoft Office and Data Entry Courses

MS Office is a basic need of any computer user. Microsoft Office is the heart of all types of documentation. This is the course which is useful for not only the IT part but it is used by all other streams also. For example, a finance person will use MS Excel for all his calculations.

PowerPoint performances are used widely in the education sector. Hence it is one of the most basic computer courses that everyone must be familiar with. This course focuses on many documentation styles provided by the MS Office. After taking this course you can create updates and keep your documents alone.


10th or 12th standard passed People can join this course.

Average Course Duration: 1 to 3 months

Institutes offering this course:

  • Udemy:
  • kore InfoTech
  • Microsoft 365 Fundamentals

3. Web Designing Courses

Web Designing Courses

This course helps in designing your websites. This is one of the most basic computer courses. It’s for a leader in web design. Few short courses do not cover basic website code. They teach tools and apps to design website pages.

If you plan to follow a career in core web design there are a few long-term courses offered. In these, you will gain wisdom and knowledge of all parts of web development. This contains JavaScript HTML and more.

The web designing course efforts on the look of web pages. It contracts with the look of the main pages of your sites. After joining this course you will be able to create design and maintain your website.


You need a 10+2 or equal requirement from any recognized board. You also need basic computer knowledge. For example, typing and handling files are important.

Average Course Duration:

The normal course will be done within 1 month. Advanced courses may take  6 months to 1 year.

Top Institutes offering this course:

  • Udemy:
  • Shaw academy
  • Lynda
  • Excel PTP

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4. VFX and Animation Courses

You like originality. You are interested in works like technical designing advertising or animation. You can take VFX and animation courses. These courses teach you to fast your originality. You’ll use animation graphics and other graphic tools.

What is VFX? VFX is a method. It applies graphic effects to images with CGI. This creates real-time scenes in movie and video creation. Animation is done to objects like pictures sketches and drawings using computer software. It creates the magic of moving pictures. These are mostly seen in cartoons and movies.

Prerequisites:  12th standard passed People can join it.

Average Course Duration: The certification course will be of 1 month time. Diploma courses will take 1.5 years to 2 years.

5. Digital Marketing Courses

Digital Marketing Courses

Digital marketing helps and sells products and services online. It uses strategies like social media and email. It is a share of marketing. It is using the internet and digital tech like computers and phones.

In today’s world, Digital Marketing is one of the hardest career choices. Every business is going online for their sales and advertising. In such a situation any need for online marketing will be an advantage on your resume.

This course will teach you to use analytical and strategic skills. You will use them to grow and develop new business chances in any industry. Digital Marketing covers many areas. It includes marketing plans content planning SEO and analytics.

Prerequisites: You need to have passed the 12th usual. It must have been at a recognized board. This is required for certification or certificate courses. If you are a graduate then PG courses are also offered.

Average Course Duration: The length of the basic course will be between three and six months.

Top Institutes offering this course:

  • Udemy
  • kore InfoTech

6. AutoCAD & 3D MAX Courses

AutoCAD is software that is used for 2D and 3D electronic designs. It was first developed by Autodesk. ACAD was free as a commercial software application for the first time in 1992. At first, it was a desktop app. Since 2010 it’s been a mobile app. Now it is a web and cloud-based app that is branded as AutoCAD 360.

The AutoCAD & 3D MAX course is a basic computer course. It offers certification for effecting the course. This course gives hands-on skills in all the tools generally used in CAD drawings.

Prerequisites: You must be an HSC graduate from any accepted board. You can join PG courses after doing a diploma or a B. Tech in Automatic or Civil Engineering.

Average Course Duration: It is a part-time course which durations over 2-4 months period.

7. Graphic Designing Courses

Graphic Designing Courses

If you are artistic creative and advanced then this is the best computer course for you. It will open a career way in creative graphic design. Many people want graphic designers. Pictures have more effect than text in any field. This course will teach you about animation digital photography cartoons etc.

After the course, you will be keen to make logos and design books. You can also do product packaging and more.

Prerequisites: You need to have accepted 12th grade. It should be from any standard board for certification or diploma courses.

Average Course Duration: 1 year ( Professional)

Top Institutes offering this course:

  • Udemy
  • Pearl Academy

8. Tally ERP Courses

This software is usually used in accounts and banking systems. Most private and government organizations use this software. They use it to keep all their archives of financial transactions.

Prerequisites: 12th standard passed out in any brook. A Commerce background will be an added benefit for getting good job offers.

Average Course Duration: The basic course takes 3 months. The advanced diploma in 12 months.

9. Cyber Security Courses

All basic computer courses include cybersecurity. It is vital for a career in this field. Cybersecurity helps protect the data networks and working systems from cyber threats.

After the course, you can defend yourself from cybercrimes. You can get employed by many companies as a cybersecurity expert. You can start your consultancy to talk about IT security issues.

Prerequisites: 12th normal passed out in any stream for learner courses.

Average Course Duration: The diploma course lasts 1 year. The certification course lasts 6 months.

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10. Hardware Maintenance Courses

Course details:

If you are not very easy with software courses then this course is for you. In this course, you will learn about many hardware parts. This basic computer course will teach you to hit or care for many parts of a computer.

Prerequisites: 12th standard passed out from any reputed board.

Average Course Duration: Course duration is usually from 6 months to 1 year

11. Basic Programming Courses

Course details:

Basic programming includes the analysis of the problem. It also includes creating a logical order of instructions to solve it. A programmer needs to understand customer wants. They then design the solution as flow graphs etc. Then they code and test it before giving it to a client.

This basic computer course gives an intro to programming skills. You need them for a career as a software designer. After this course, you will have a broad sight. It will cover core technologies like web development software development and files. This course also introduces common tools vital for coding.

Prerequisites: 12th standard passed out from any clear board.

Average Course Duration: Courses last 3 months to 1 year. They are for learning basic programming skills.

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3 month computer course fees:

S. No.CourseTime DurationFees
1. Basic PHP50 hours or 2.5 monthsRs. 4000
2.Advanced PHP course30 hours or 1 monthRs. 4000
3.Basic and Advanced PHP Package2 monthsRs. 7000
4.Basic and Advanced PHP Package including project work2.5 monthRs. 8000
5.Java Course Training45 hours or 1.5 monthsRs. 4000
6.JSP Course Training2 monthsRs. 4000
7.Advanced Java Course (Desktop and Web based both)2 monthsRs. 7000
8.Advanced Java Course including project work2 monthsRs. 8000
8.ASP.NET Course45 hours or 2 monthsRs 4000
9.ASP.NET MVC Course1 month or 30 hoursRs 5000
10C Programming30 hours or 1 monthRs 4000
11.C++ Programming30 hours or 1 monthRs 4000
12.C and C++ Combined2 monthsRs 6000
11.C and C++ fast track15 daysRs 3000
12.C and C++ fast-track1 monthRs. 5000
13.Android Course Fast Track15 daysRs. 5000
14.Android Course with Java basic knowledge1 month + 8 hoursRs. 6000
15.Oracle training45 hoursRs  6000
16.C and C++ fast-track30 hoursRs. 5000
17.Oracle certification track60 hoursRs. 10000
18.Joomla Training25 hours or 1 monthRs. 4000
19.Advanced Joomla course45 hours or 1.5 monthRs. 5000
20.WordPress Training25 hours or 1 monthRs. 4000
21.Advanced WordPress Training Course45 hours Rs. 6000

Basic Computer Courses List

Moreover, there is a neglect of the 3-month Computer Diploma courses. Students who have full-time jobs or studies can follow these as a part-time education. Let’s check them:

  • Certificate in Computer Application (Computer Basic)
  • Tally 9 ERP Training
  • Advance Excel
  • Certificate in DTP
  • Certificate in Web Development
  • Certificate in Data Entry Operator
  • C Programming
  • C++ Programming
  • Java Programming
  • .net Programming
  • PHP Programming

List of 6 Months Computer Courses

Below mentioned are the 6 months of computer basic courses to increase your skills:

  • Diploma in Computer Applications
  • Diploma in Financial Account (Tally)
  • Diploma in Web Development
  • Diploma in Computer Programming
  • Diploma in DTP
  • Diploma in Data Entry Operator

1-Year Computer Courses List

Also, there are many diplomas and certificates you can complete in 1 year. Then, you’ll be complete with hands-on training.

  • Web Designing
  • VFX and Animation
  • Tally
  • Diploma in IT
  • Data Entry Operator
  • Hardware and Networking
  • Programming Language Courses

Why Computer knowledge is important?

Computers are become a necessary element of our daily life. There are only a few areas left where digitization is complete. Starting from banking sectors shopping selling and even teaching are now onscreen. In such a setup you must learn computer basics. You must make yourself easy with them. There is no age limit for knowledge improvement. Even working people can join such courses.

Conclusion on Basic Computer Courses

As we have seen computers have become a basic need in every part of life today. I would like to highlight here that age is not the bound for learning any new skills. Digitization is fixed in our daily lives so strongly that avoiding it may not be an option now. So each person must join one of these courses. They need to learn to use computers laptops etc.

I hope you have a good grasp of the basic computer courses. Also, you may have thought about which basic computer course is more useful for you now. I recommend joining the course now. It will make your life relaxed and effective.

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